Wednesday, June 13, 2007

road trip, part III

i'm not really a sports person.
i can't follow most games, and don't have the energy or interest to keep tabs on any particular team.

i do, however, really enjoy going to baseball games.
while mike and i were in the bay area, i got hooked on really cheap seats at a's games.
as part of my commitment to making philly my home, i've started going to phillies games.

the thing is, baseball is 1) easy to follow and understand and 2) not particularly aggressive or violent. both of these things appeal to me.
going to baseball games means hours of 1) enjoying beautiful summer weather 2) eating garlic fries 3) socializing with friends. who can argue with this?

we went to an a's vs. oriole's game on our road trip. here's some pics from the game and the awesome fireworks afterwards. thanks hiram for hooking us up with great seats!

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ms. pea said...

you forgot to mention big cups of beer. i love the big cups of beer! howdy to hiram!!