Sunday, June 3, 2007

road trip, part II

babies i fell in love with on this trip...
this is my friend kg's baby.
as you can see, he's a busy guy.
eating fresh pasta his fabulous parents just made.
making phone calls.
smiling at new people and giggling for his mom.

this is sophia. she's also a busy baby. here she's exploring her feminine side - holding my purse and grabbing my earrings and generally being charming. that's her dad in the picture to the left and her grandad on the right.
i love watching people i care about parent. i give a big shout out to all my friends who are parenting with amazing patience, grace, humor, thoughtfulness, bravery, and love.


g love and her special sauce said...

hey fellow bloggers,
does anyone know how to fix the formatting here? when i preview it, the text is all in the middle and the pictures are on either side. but then when i publish it, it looks funny like this. ideas?

ms. pea said...

hmm... you could always fool with the dreaded html code! those are some cute babies, by the way.