Saturday, October 25, 2008

stop the rumor mongering!

ok, people, i want to clear something up. the use of "his mama" below was a mistake.
as you can see in the comments, every once in a while i slip and use "his" or "her." it just happened to be "his" this time.

we did not find out the sex of the bean, and we're not planning on finding out. i think it will be a wonderful surprise, and i look forward to welcoming and loving our child, whatever his/her/hir's sex or gender may turn out to be.

let the rumors be put to rest. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the little bean

we had our first ultrasound this morning, and saw a picture of the (if i may start bragging this early) very cute little bean.

seeing the little bean makes it much easier to put up with the trials and tribulations caused by the hormones that are keeping bean healthy - fun things like pregnancy acne and pregnancy gingivitis. and seeing bean also helps me to forget the hip pain, morning sickness,
and fatigue that i have hopefully had my fill of.

before i got pregnant i imagined pregnancy to be this time of great beauty and peace. i imagined i would be like the earth mama below, glowing and beautiful and in my body and totally natural.
i guess i just didn't anticipate the pimples, bleeding gums, pain, nausea, and exhaustion. or the cravings for cheez-its and chocolate. oh well! it looks like bean has made out a-ok so far even through his mama's ups and downs, and that's certainly what matters.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

20 weeks in puerto rico

mike and i had a lovely last gasp (before bean) vacation in puerto rico this weekend. pictures above - with a picture of me at 20 weeks somewhere in the middle of the slide show.

there were many highlights of our weekend, including happening on an independista rally, lounging on the beach (and then getting kicked out because we were using a fancy hotel's facilities!), lounging on the hotel rooftop (where there was a hot tub!), exploring el yunque rainforest, trying out the san juan bus system, and listening to live music at the waterfront.