Sunday, January 21, 2007

more on global warming

as i mentioned in my last post on this topic, i've become rather obsessed with the topic of global warming. and yes, even though it's bitter cold today in philly, i'm still thinking about it. the AP recently quoted stephen w. hawkins, the "renowned cosmologist and mathematician" as saying that global warming has eclipsed other threats to the planet, such as terrorism.

"terror only kills hundreds or thousands of people," hawking said. "global warming could kill millions. we should have a war on global warming rather than the war on terror."

now if we could just get the bush administration to believe in science and listen to the scientists.

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alex said...

does it occur to this person that our weather is only getting worse? floods, thunderstorms, fires, tornadoes, volcanoes... all natural disasters are becoming stronger each and every time they occur. now i'm not going to argue about human's effects on the globe, but we certainely are not helping.

*note, go look at the ice caps. tell me they aren't disappearing along with more animals becoming extinct