Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year 2012

this morning i woke up, rolled over, and my incredibly sweet, loving 2 year old immediately smiled and said, "happy birthday, mama" while holding my face gently between her hands. *sigh*

yesterday morning we went down to lake nockamixon (where we spent the weekend) and the water was as still as glass and the air was warm and zora said "the sky is in the water" and then suddenly we noticed the rainbow.

while hiking i kept hearing the geese and every time i saw their V formation they stopped me in their tracks - there is just something about the clarity of vision, direction that moves me. and the deer running through the forest in front of us...

last night there were bright stars and a bright moon and a raging campfire. and a homemade birthday chocolate cheesecake and champagne.

i am so, so lucky and i have gratitude for all this and for you, friends.

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vashti said...

Happy new year & Happy birthday it sounds like you had a great weekend!