Sunday, December 6, 2009


Love comes with a knife,
not some shy question.
And not with fears for its reputation!
Love is a madman working
his wild schemes,
tearing off his clothes,
running through the mountains
drinking poison and quietly choosing annihilation.
There are love stories and
there is obliteration into love.
You've been walking the ocean's edge
holding up your robes to keep them dry.
You must dive naked under,
and deeper under,
a thousand times deeper.
Love flows down.
The ground submits to the sky
and suffers what comes.
Tell me, is the earth worse for giving in like that?
Don't put blankets over the drum.
Open completely.

This Rumi poem has really been speaking to me lately. I included it in a blessing for some friends who are having a baby soon (hi Tim and Amy!) because one of the many lessons that Zora has taught me/is teaching me is how to surrender to whatever it is I'm feeling at any given moment - whether it's joy, frustration, awe, boredom, peace, exhaustion, or love.

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