Sunday, December 21, 2008

30 weeks and counting...

happy solstice everyone.
tonight is the longest night of the year.
tomorrow the light starts to return.

i am very aware of time these days.
i am now 30 weeks pregnant, which means in seven short weeks
i will be "full term."

soon i will be having the first christmas of my life without my mom,
who i will miss and remember very much on this holiday. this is also
the first christmas i will have with the bean.

i want to take time to remember my mom, and the way that she and our
family celebrated christmas. i want to remember to be grateful for all of the
ways she made christmas special. i am reminding myself to slow down and
savor these last few weeks of bean being a part of my body. i am, if nothing else,
a planner. so i need these days to calm my anxiety about all
the things that need to get done and all the baby books i need to read
and all the horrible things that could happen and J U S T
B R E A T H E. i hope the solstice, and the coming new year,
(or maybe just the winter chill!) offers you a chance to
slow down and remember and reflect.

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