Saturday, October 25, 2008

stop the rumor mongering!

ok, people, i want to clear something up. the use of "his mama" below was a mistake.
as you can see in the comments, every once in a while i slip and use "his" or "her." it just happened to be "his" this time.

we did not find out the sex of the bean, and we're not planning on finding out. i think it will be a wonderful surprise, and i look forward to welcoming and loving our child, whatever his/her/hir's sex or gender may turn out to be.

let the rumors be put to rest. :)


CJ said...

Darn, I was all planning my gender normative outfits for the bean. Shucks.

Lucky Michaels said...

thanks for the Gender-identity clarity. who knows it could be a Transgender kid anyway. so buy the kid the clothes that look good regardless and let little bean develop exactly the way God intended in and through whatever Gender/s it is supposed to be at any given time.