Sunday, September 14, 2008

two feminists on palin. oh, three counting me.

sarah palin gets on my last nerve.
she is the reason i'm going to get involved in the obama campaign.
i'm deeply embarrassed about the possibility that i will be a citizen of a country with a vice president (and very possibly a president) who does not believe in evolution or global warming or sex education.

here's what eve ensler had to say about palin. (thanks to rebecca for this.)

and gloria steinem's thoughts are here. (thanks to dad for this one.)

there is a movement afoot to donate to planned parenthood in honor of sarah palin. (thanks to sara for alerting me to this brilliant scheme.)
planned parenthood will gladly send sarah a card to let her know about your kind gift. i just did it, and i encourage all of you who believe in comprehensive sex education to do the same. here's the link. click on in honory/in memory. and here's sarah's address for planned parenthood to send the card to:

John McCain 2008
P.O. Box 16118
Arlington, VA 22215


Michael Froehlich said...

I just sent in my $25 in honor of SP.

barb said...

oh what a brilliant idea! thanks for posting this! i'm donating $100! and will post this on my blog too. Let's spread the word!

Lucky Michaels said...

i will donate money too when i get paid. brilliant! glad to see the new posts.