Monday, March 19, 2007

4th anniversary of the iraq war

today is the fourth anniversary of the war in iraq.

four years ago i was on the streets of san francisco trying to "bring the war home" - blocking highways, waving signs, making noise -- trying my best, along with people across the globe, to send a message to the bush administration and everyone else who supported the war that we were making an enormous mistake.

four years later, i just returned from a solemn candlelight vigil. four years later, over 3,000 american soldiers are dead and countless thousands of iraqi civilians - including children - have also been killed in this senseless war. iraq body count, a website that tracks civilian deaths in iraq, concluded that the last year (march 2006-march 2007) has been by far the worst year for violent civilian deaths since the invasion.

we need to get out. we need to get out for all the american soldiers who are fighting and losing their lives for a lie. we need to get out for all the iraqi civilians who want an end to occupation. we need to get out because as the biggest imperial power in the world, we cannot solve iraq's problems.

to hear from some of those who have lost loved ones in the war, click here.

there is a bill regarding an end to the war that is making it's way through congress right now. check it out here and decide what you think. let your representatives know what you think. if you don't like it, go to true majority's page to send a message. if you think it's the best we can do right now, it looks like move on may end up supporting it, so check their page for a link in the coming days.


Akil said...

The money spent on the Iraq war is related to the Reconstruction of the Gulf Coast.

Moved by the ongoing human rights crisis in the Mississippi Gulf Coast, grassroots organizers in the Katrina Self-Determination and Bolivarian Movements throughout the country have agreed to host the Mutual Aid and International Solidarity Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana at Dillard University, one of the country's oldest black educational institutions on May 24th – 27th, 2007. Presenters & attendees will share organizing experiences, explore opportunities for mutual aid and stand in solidarity for human rights and self-determination.

The conference calls on all progressive forces in the U.S. to join at the to build the Katrina Self-Determination and Bolivarian Solidarity Movements. This conference is designed to network person-to-person and grassroots links between the peoples of Venezuela and the United States.

For more info go to

Quanda said...

You write very well.