Monday, December 4, 2006

holiday gift-giving

first off, i was told that in order to leave a comment you had to be a registered user -i changed that so now anyone can leave a comment, so please comment away!

i have been struggling for a few years with the consumerism of the christmas season and trying to figure out how to do gift-giving in a way that was consistent with my values. i think i got a little closer this year, and wanted to share some of the results.

a friend (thanks jess!) picked up some really affordable blank cards for me. then i used one of my old stamps on some leftover paper i found in my collage box. i cut those out and pasted the stamped piece of paper and some other paper i had lying around on the blank cards for what, if i do say so myself, is a pretty nice looking card. look for yours in the mail soon. :)

with the help of the fabulous internet, i figured out how to make blank books. you can do it too! click here for the link. for the cover of the book, i found some leaves flying around outside, painted them, and used them as a stamp on some paper that was also in my collage box (yay for the collage box!). results are below.

last but not least, i wanted to find a knitting project that was quick and easy. i had already decided i wanted to purchase some daisy soap from the body shop to support their campaign to stop domestic violence (and the soap is made in ghana - two of my great loves - domestic violence prevention and supporting the ghanaian economy - in one gift!) so i figured washcloths would be a nice companion. even the most beginner knitter can knit a couple of these up in a few hours. here's the pattern.


ms. pea said...

Your blank book is beautiful! Thanks for the washcloth link, I have been thinking about making some, too!

a fundraiser said...

I hope I get one of those cards in the mail this year!